Gearing up for the holidays!!


The following deadlines ensure FedEx Ground delivery on or before December 23, 2016. In the event of winter weather delays, please allow extra time.

November 7: ALL FIRST TIME orders with Cypress printing services, requiring print approval.

November 11: Albums & Presentation Boxes

December 1: The Artisan Book, Folios, & Proof Boxes

All orders requiring holiday delivery should indicate “Must Have For Christmas” in the Special Instructions section at the end of your order, just before you add it to your cart. Please order your Iris, Whistler, Juniper, and Cypress books directly from our website to ensure efficiency. Please contact us if you have any questions about preparing & submitting your order, we’re always happy to guide you.


What if you miss the deadline? We have three options for you!

  1. All orders received by November 17 will still ship by December 22, but will require Express Shipping (fees apply).
  2. Orders received After November 17 will be Rush Orders (fees apply, based on availability) and will also require Express Shipping.
  3. If you missed the deadline, be sure to check the Available Now section on our website. We have many boxes, folios, artisan books, and more that have already been handmade for you and will ship the next business day. Simply log-in to My Workspace, select product, add to cart, and check-out. It’s super easy.

We’re looking forward to meticulously handcrafting all of your beautiful heirlooms this upcoming holiday season!


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