The Juniper Book & Its Qualities: Designing for the Juniper


We’ve fallen completely in love with the Juniper book. Originally created as an option for photographers who continued to enjoy the process of fine art printing, the book developed into one of our most gorgeous presentation options. The texture of giclée paper (also fine art paper) and its effect on the image is a truly striking combination.

The authentic, fine art paper beautifully emphasizes subtle shifts in color and detail, two qualities that are easily overlooked in smaller images. The texture of the paper is brought to life by your image, and we think the opposite also happens. We’ve found that in the medium and large Juniper books, larger images truly draw us in and allow us to experience the subtle shifts in tone and grain that are easier to miss in smaller images. Full page bleeds, 6×8’s, 8×8’s, and simple diptychs look absolutely stunning. The paper is the most incredible part about the Juniper album—be sure to utilize it.


While large amounts of white space are often used importantly as a tool in flush mount albums, the vellum interleaves of the Juniper book perform a similar balancing act. Each giclée page is divided by a subtle, milky vellum leaf, which not only serves to refresh and focus the eye, but also protects the pages from rubbing harshly against one another. When designing your layout, remember that the vellum will provide a pause before the next page is seen.


We now offer the Juniper book in a small size, we’ve which seen used in wonderful ways. It’s surprisingly playful as a children’s portrait album, and it’s breathtaking as a collection of adventure and travel imagery. You can see an example of that book here.

Though all of our albums are made of heirloom quality materials and photographic prints, the Juniper book is truly a fine art object. In addition to wedding, boudoir, and family albums, this book is also an excellent choice for more creative projects, like a portfolio of photographs. It’s also an excellent album option for less traditional clients. Available in both ribbon and library binding, we highly recommend that this album be stored in one of our custom album boxes for its protective qualities. Please contact us if you’d like a sample giclée print of one of your images.

These stunning wedding images are by Corbin Gurkin

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